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Samaya Trueman

Sam embodies depth, presence & devotion & believes that health & well-being is developed through the cultivation of compassionate 

conversation with the body-mind, spirit & heart.

She is an intuitive, exuberant & experienced practitioner 
with almost two decades of teaching, facilitation & practice.



Samaya has spent the last two decades in devoted Embodiment Practice & has also trained with many world class Yoga Teachers in different traditions, however, her greatest learnings have been within the day to day of her own personal embodiment practice & in the sharing of her work in private sessions, group classes, trainings & retreats.

Samaya's magick is deeply rooted in presence, & within her ability to reflect clearly what is present & showing up within the psycho/emotional/energetics to support nervous system regulation & the shift of consciousness perspectives from a highly attuned & Intuitive approach.

She is forever a student to the landscape of her own body, its ageing process & navigating the shifting currents of her emotional spectrum intelligently.


  • Certification in Astanga Yoga, 2500hr Apprenticeship

  • Ka Huna Bodyworker & Facilitator

  • Heartworks Lomi Lomi Practitioner & Facilitator

  • Specialised Bodywork & Personal Development Facilitator

  • Zenthai Flow Yoga Teacher

  • Yin Yoga Teacher

Plus a bunch of other studies / workshops / courses including & not limited to :

  • Mayan Abdominal Self Care

  • Tigress Yoga & Shakti Immersion

  • Zenthai Shiatsu ~ various modules

  • Transformational Kinesiolgy

  • Craniosacral Therapy

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