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Sessions with Samaya


Deep soulful & skilful mastery, fusing Hawaiian Temple Bodywork, Ritual Alchemy & Somatic Counsel into a sacred feminine softening that penetrates all the way from your field to your bones. 

Your session begins with in-depth Somatic Counsel, creating a safe, heart centred space

& tuning in to what is most alive & present within you.

This opens you, to you & often subtle energetic shifts begin to move through you,

preparing you for the bodywork component of the session.  


The power of this safe container opens the doorway to sacred & healing bodywork, a potent ritual that infuses an intuitive combination of slow penetrating touch, fluid underbody techniques, unwinding stretch & prayer to support a grounded release within your body, heart & mind ~ supporting you to return to your natural state of wholeness.



Your Investment

Sessions in North Arm, NSW

$250 - $350*

*Sessions are generally 2 hours in duration, however, Sam works with what is alive & present with her clients,

following the current of what is most needed which sometimes extends sessions towards 3 hours.


Sessions in Paddington, QLD


Your body is the gateway to a potent current of aliveness,

an infinite & deepening connection to a reservoir

of safety & rest within.

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