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Manakua Movement Medicine

Embodying the Power of Spirit in Form

Together we explore multiple dimensions of Self through the gateways of the body & breath. 

Honouring & acknowledging the animal body, emotional body, tension, pain & resistance through fluid asana within the four main phases of the practice.


Uncoiling  |  Activation  |  Revealing  |  Returning 


​​As we explore the infinite interconnection of fluid motion, deep alignment & stillness we 

immerse into our sensual aliveness & strength ~ awakening vitality.


Movement is the medicine that guides, activates, enlivens and heals.  A purifying & nourishing journey for the awakening of Embodied Alignment, Conscious Evolution & Healing.

Awareness is Alignment

I believe there is a sweet spot in between the space of observance & indulgence ~ a space yearning to be touched by our awareness, a space that begs for authentic expression, not just an observation of.  This is a very different engagement to that of indulgence, reaction or victimhood, but rather a compassionate conversation with that which is moving through you; to breathe it, allow it and to move with it..  


This is Movement Medicine ~ allowing the delicious & diverse landscape of your Being to not 

only take up space but to fulfil it’s longing to be realised !!  

This realisation is You, that you are not the sum of your parts, but rather a rich & organic being flowing withIN the tides of Life.  How you meet yourself, is up to you.

I wish to move those, who wish to be Moved

I invite you to embody activism in the highest form, an activist of your own right to exist within the 

sensual aliveness of your own Body.  To be ALL that you are.   Movement Medicine's rooted foundations create a container from which you can explore this rich & diverse interior & to 

allow a deep feeling resonance to move through you.

This is the Practice

Evolutionary Path

I have been facilitating & sharing this powerful practice now for two decades, as with any long term relationship, evolution is necessary to continue the path of growth, alignment & healing.

I have recognised that teaching weekly classes is no longer in alignment for my unique expression of this practice, therefore, all offerings from me will be through an immersive experience via Retreats, Trainings & Online content.

Stay attuned my loves, there is more to come........


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