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Ahren Dreaming

Ahren embodies a depth of presence & perception that is rare & penetrating.  His work as a therapist has naturally developed into a truly unique expression of his discoveries, studies & explorations in healing arts.

He is a passionate & gifted facilitator who believes that the best bodyworkers are the ones who have done the work on themselves. That it is through developing foundations of good technique & proficiency in practice, that the therapist can open to the magic of the healing process.


  • Ka Huna Bodyworker & Facilitator

  • Heartworks Lomi Lomi Practitioner & Facilitator

  • Zenthai Shiatsu Therapist

Plus a bunch of other studies / workshops / courses including & not limited to :

  • Mayan & Eastern Abdominal Therapies

  • Emotional Anatomy

  • Transformational Kinesiolgy

& current explorations in :

  • Orthobionomy

  • Craniosacral Therapy

  • Ba Men Da Xuan - Daoist School

  • Bsc TCM & Acupuncture


Ahren is a highly experienced therapist offering Manakua Bodywork, Pscycho-Emotional Counsel & Healing Sessions.  ​His extensive experience allows him to bridge structural physiological conditions in the body with energetic & psycho-spiritual behavioural patterns.  


His scope of practice spans over two decades of personal enquiry through the path of the bodyworker. 

With foundations in the heart centred practices of Hawaiian Style Bodywork & Zenthai Shiatsu, an interest in esoteric & energetic healing modalities & ongoing studies in Orthobionomy, Craniosacral Therapy & Daoist Acupuncture, he continues to explore his passion for the healing arts. 


He shares from an authentic & integral place of humility & truth in both his bodywork & spiritual mentorship offerings.  


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